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Aviator Defense

Aviator Defense

When you hold an aviation certificate, you answer to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and you can expect that the FAA is watching your every move. If you run into any regulatory issues and face allegations from the FAA regarding your conduct or qualifications, your entire career is at stake.

You should never simply accept any challenges or actions brought against you by the FAA, as you have the right and ability to defend yourself. At Harnage Law, we assist aviation professionals with the following and more:

  • Aeromedical Legal Advice
  • Airman Licensing
  • Certification
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Issues
  • DUI/DWI/OUI Reporting Requirements
  • Medical Certification
  • FAA Enforcement Actions
  • Letters of Investigation
  • Notice of Proposed Certificate Action
  • Notice/Proposed Civil Penalties
  • TFR Violations
  • Altitude Busts
  • Out of Communication with ATC
  • Clearance Deviations
  • DOT Enforcement Actions
  • Unmanned Aerial System Violations

Whether you face allegations of a regulatory violation or your entire license is on the line, we can devise the strongest defense possible in your situation.

The FAA is strict when it comes to enforcement actions and other adverse claims, but we know how to defend you and adhere to all regulatory requirements. Whether you are before an administrative law judge (ALJ) or in federal court, you want our legal team on your side.

We know how important your aviation career is to you and your family, and we work to protect it, no matter what type of action you face.

Consult with Our Aviator Defense Attorney Today

If you need assistance to defend yourself to the FAA regarding any type of aviation matter, you want an aviator defense lawyer from Harnage Law, PLLC, on your side. Contact us to discuss your situation and learn how we can help. The longer you wait to seek defense assistance, the more your aviation career might be in jeopardy.