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Child Support

Child Support

If your divorce or separation involves children, it’s normal to feel extra stress and for your emotions to be running high. Whether you are in the divorce process and need a child support attorney to create a new child support arrangement, or you need help enforcing one that was previously filed, you’ve come to the right place. At Harnage Law, we understand that modifying or establishing a child support agreement is rarely an easy thing to do, but we will lend our skills and expertise, to make the process as hassle-free as possible. We are some of the most compassionate and understanding child support attorneys in Melbourne, FL, and we stand by your right to have the resources you need to give your loved ones a safe and healthy life.

How Does It Work?

In or out of the courtroom, our Melbourne child support attorneys are committed to fighting for your future, and for the future of your children. When determining child support eligibility, things like income level and health status of both parents are taken into consideration, and often a legal case must be built to establish a child support agreement for the caregiving parent. Child support orders generally follow new divorces or determinations of paternity, both of which we are experienced in as well. Under the law, minor children are entitled to financial support from both parents, and our custody attorneys in Melbourne can help you create an arrangement that honors the law and works for everyone.

How We Can Help

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