Covid-19 has severely impacted the United States economy. An economic recession caused by the worldwide public health crisis is underway. With this downturn individuals are contemplating now more than ever filing bankruptcy and seeking financial relief. Call us today and set up your free phone consultation to see if filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide you with relief during these difficult times.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy FAQ

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy FAQ

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chapter 7 bankruptcy FAQ

The Chapter 7 bankruptcy process can be confusing, and people have many misconceptions about the possible benefits and drawbacks of bankruptcy. Always feel free to discuss your options with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Melbourne. In the meantime, the following are some common questions we hear about Chapter 7.

Does everyone qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy provides the discharge of your debts without requiring any payments. For this reason, the law allows people to file for Chapter 7 when they do not have enough income to make payments. You must pass the “means test” to qualify for a Chapter 7 case, which means that your household income is less than the median income for your state.

Will I lose everything during bankruptcy?

Even though you do not have to make payments in a Chapter 7 case, the bankruptcy trustee has the authority to take certain property and assets to liquidate and make payments to your priority creditors. This is why Chapter 7 is called the “liquidation” bankruptcy. However, there are numerous exemptions (that vary from state to state) that your lawyer can help you apply to protect as much of your property as possible. In fact, many people do not lose any property at all, though this depends on your circumstances.

Will I ever be able to obtain a loan or credit again after bankruptcy?

Most people who need bankruptcy are already behind or in default on many debts, which means their credit scores likely plummeted. While bankruptcy does remain on your credit report for seven to ten years, your score can improve quickly because you will not have late payments and defaults constantly reporting. There are many ways to build credit again and obtain loans in the future.

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