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Weapon Charges

If you have been arrested on weapons charges, you are likely facing some of the strictest laws on the books today. From carrying illegally to improper discharge of a firearm, the rules and regulations surrounding weapons are tightly enforced, so if you are currently up against weapons violations, it’s a good thing you’re here. At Harnage Law, we are committed to legal representation for those facing criminal charges, including the possession, concealing, and use of illegal firearms, knives, and other lethal objects. We understand that each and every weapons case is different, and your unique circumstances deserve to be investigated by someone who is savvy about the law, and has a solid track record as a tenacious advocate for justice.

Types Of Weapon Charges

There are many different items and occurrences that can lead to a criminal weapons charge, including the ownership of banned weapons, the improper usage or licensing of legal firearms, and the use of a weapon as an accessory to another crime. No matter what your individual charges are, you can count on us to go above and beyond to craft a solid defense on your behalf, and get you the best possible outcome in court. When you’re hit with weapons charges, your reputation and future freedoms are on the line, so don’t go to just any lawyer in your area for help- come to Harnage Law.

How We Can Help

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