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Contract Law


Legal paperwork may not seem very interesting, but it forms the very fabric of our economy. From employment documents to property leases, contracts are vital to the functioning of our relationships, our jobs, and our future. Here at Harnage Law, we have experience with navigating the complex language of contractual documents, and we can guide you through legal agreements of all kinds. It is not uncommon to face misinterpretations of contracts or disputes regarding their enforcement, but you can rest well knowing that an experienced contract law attorney understands the laws and can represent you with compassion and tenacity, no matter what contracts you are involved in.

How Does It Work?

If you own a small business, rental property, intellectual property, or other goods or services that are exchanged with other private or corporate parties, it’s important that you have a qualified contract lawyer in Melbourne, FL on your side. Too often, contracts are not customized for individual needs and circumstances, and are too easily refuted, but with our keen eye for detail and strong grasp of legal language, your contracts can be airtight and easily enforceable. Because whether you’re selling an asset or renting a new home, you want to feel confident and protected under the law.

How We Can Help

Here at Harnage Law, we are proud to provide legal services for the formation, renegotiation, and enforcement of contracts, and when you need this kind of help, get in touch with our firm. Call or email us today for your free consultation.