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DUI Arrests Increase Over the Holiday Season

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DUI Arrests Increase Over the Holiday Season

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Holidays are a time for celebrating – and many of us do plenty of that during the winter holiday season. Office parties, gatherings with friends and family, and other events take place, and many people enjoy some spiked eggnog, mulled wine, champagne, or other festive beverages. This is generally harmless – that is, until someone tries to drive home after drinking.

Law enforcement in Florida are well aware of the increase in alcohol consumption during the holidays, and they are ready to catch more drunk drivers between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Police agencies will take similar action as they do over July 4th or Labor Day weekend, which includes all hands on deck to enforce drunk driving laws.

First, DUI checkpoints are legal in Florida if they meet certain requirements, and you might find yourself stopped at a checkpoint in the coming months. If an officer speaks with you and believes you were drinking, you could end up in handcuffs. Police might also set up saturation patrols, which involve an unusual amount of police cars in areas where drunk driving might be more popular. This often leads to several wrongful stops and arrests.

If a DUI arrest ruins your holiday season, it can be tempting to ignore the matter or wait to take any action. In reality, you should hire a Melbourne DUI defense attorney as soon as you possibly can. You need a lawyer to handle both the administrative and criminal sides of your case to hopefully minimize the consequences that you face.

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