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DUI Arrests Over New Year’s

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DUI Arrests Over New Year’s

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DUI arrests

The turning of the decade is a cause for celebration for many people. Some people might be looking forward to making resolutions and striving to meet new goals in 2020, while others simply want 2019 to go out with a bang. New Year’s Eve celebrations often involve parties and other gatherings, champagne toasts, and more. New Year’s Day is a great day to watch sports, have brunch, and spend time with family and friends.

While people might set out to have a happy and healthy New Year’s celebration, many have their holiday disrupted by an arrest for suspected drunk driving. The number of arrests increases over holidays like New Year’s, as does the number of charges issues for driving under the influence (DUI). If you are arrested for DUI during the holidays, contact an experienced DUI defense lawyer in Melbourne immediately.

DUI Enforcement and Arrests

DUI enforcement efforts ramp up each New Year’s, as Florida police agencies and state troopers know that the number of drunk drivers on the roads increases. Many agencies set up sobriety checkpoints or saturation patrols, aiming to arrest as many impaired drivers as possible.

When law enforcement officers increase enforcement, there is the possibility of more false arrests and constitutional violations. Some officers might pull drivers over without proper justification, or they might conduct an arrest without probable cause of DUI. It is important to have an attorney review the circumstances of your arrest to identify any possible violations in your case.

Contact a DUI Defense Lawyer in Melbourne for Assistance Right Away

After a DUI arrest, your first call should be to a Melbourne DUI defense attorney. At Harnage Law, PLLC, we hope you have a New Year’s free from trouble with the law. However, if you are arrested and facing charges, we are here to help. Call 321.549.7886 or contact us online for assistance.