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Facing Divorce with Children in Florida

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Facing Divorce with Children in Florida

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Divorce can be difficult in any situation, though when you and your spouse have children together, it can be even more emotionally stressful and complicated. When children are involved, you will automatically have to address and resolve numerous additional issues before a Florida court will grant your divorce. Child custody and child support are two  issues that will need to be addressed. The following are some considerations for parents getting divorced.

Custody arrangements – A divorce does not cancel your parental rights to spend time with your children, so you and your spouse will need to determine how you will divide physical custody, which is called “time-sharing” under Florida law. You will also need to set out who can make which decisions for the child’s well-being, which is called legal custody. All of this will be detailed in a parenting plan.

Child support – Whether one parent will pay child support will depend on different factors, such as the time-sharing division, a disparity in income between the parents, and more. There is a formula that calculates child support in each given situation.

Parents can work to agree on the above issues in settlement negotiations or mediation. If they can’t agree, they will need to battle it out in court. Trials can be contentious and stressful and can cause the relationship between the parents to deteriorate further. It is always better for parents to try to cooperate and dictate their own fate in divorce proceedings so they can engage in healthier co-parenting in the future. Having the right attorney on your side can often facilitate a settlement agreement instead of going to court.

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