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Living with Your Spouse During Your Divorce Case

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Living with Your Spouse During Your Divorce Case

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When some spouses decide to get divorced, they separate right away, and one spouse moves out. However, leaving the family home is not always financially practical or the best decision when it comes to property division and custody determinations in the divorce. If you decide to remain living under the same roof until the divorce is complete, you should take care to remember the following.

Be honest with your children – Things will be different once you decide to get a divorce, and your children will notice. Be honest with them about the future, and what to expect so they can begin processing the impending changes now.

Do not use your children as pawns – One consideration in custody determinations is whether each parent will encourage a relationship with the other (assuming it is in the child’s best interests). If you start trying to turn your child against their other parent or use them in your arguments, it not only can emotionally harm your child, but it can hurt your custody case.

Be financially responsible – When your divorce is final, you want to be in the best financial situation possible. As your case is pending, limit your spending and save as much as possible, so you are prepared for life with only one income again.

Stay civil – While this can be difficult, it is important to maintain civility – not only for your children but for the benefit of your divorce case. The more civil you remain, the more likely it will be that you can work together to agree on the terms of your divorce, saving money, time, and stress.
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