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Parenting Plan Modifications: Tips for Success

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Parenting Plan Modifications: Tips for Success

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If there’s one thing we can always count on, it’s change. The agreements we make now, may not make sense several years down the road. Thankfully, there are legal options for those hoping to modify their contracts, specifically surrounding child custody and time sharing. When you first finalized your divorce or separation, you likely agreed on a parenting plan that fit your lives at the time. These plans are typically created based on a variety of factors like mental/physical health, geographical location, income, housing situation, and others. However, these things may alter dramatically, and may require changes to your current parenting plan.

When your life, or the life of your child, changes significantly, here are some things to consider for your parenting plan modification:

  1. Make sure it’s beneficial

Your initial custody judge finalized your plan based on what was in your child’s best interest, and modifications are no different. Before starting the modification process, ask yourself if your proposed changes are really beneficial for your child(ren) in terms of their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

  1. Be on good terms with co-parents

Hopefully, after some time has passed, the initial hurt and hostility from the divorce has significantly lessened. This can work in your favor, as both parties are able to communicate more freely, with less anger, leading to quicker resolution. Before attempting to modify a parenting plan, it helps to be on good (or at least civil) terms with your ex.

  1. Hire a qualified attorney

Because a parenting plan modification requires the reopening of cases, judge hearings, and legal paperwork, it’s important to find a Melbourne family law attorney that has experience with these situations. Modifications aren’t always easy, and you will have much more peace of mind with a lawyer that you can trust.

  1. Involve the kids too

If your children are old enough, you might find better luck if you ask for their input for your new parenting plan. Sometimes, we make assumptions about what our children want or need for their own development, or we fear their own independence in decisions like these. Consider sitting down with your kids and explaining the potential situations, and include their wants in your discussions with your co-parent and attorneys.

When you need an experienced and compassionate attorney to handle your parenting plan modifications, come to Harnage Law today. Ask for your free consultation to get started.