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Sharing Custody During the Holidays

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Sharing Custody During the Holidays

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The holidays should be a time of enjoyment and celebration with family and friends. However, this time of year can get complicated if you are a parent who shares custody of your children. What is the best way to set up your holiday custody schedule? What about vacations? How do you resolve disputes that arise between parents?

First, your parenting plan should already address main custody issues for special times of the year, including the winter holidays. When you first got your custody order, you should have discussed how you will share holidays – some parents trade off years, others ensure that the child spends time with both parents each year. For example, one parent might have the child on Christmas Eve, while the other one gets Christmas morning. Always check your parenting plan to know how to schedule the holidays with your child.

If one parent wants to take the child to see out-of-town relatives, they should do so within the limitations of the parenting plan arrangement. If the other parent is supposed to have your child on Christmas, you should not plan a vacation for that day. It is important to schedule travel according to your pre-scheduled custody, and you might need to inform the other parent of travel plans, depending on the requirements of your parenting plan.

Parents might face a conflict over certain aspects of holiday-related custody, and it is important to resolve issues as soon as possible to best enjoy the holidays with your child. Speak with a child custody lawyer in Melbourne about how to best address disputes. You might reach an informal agreement or need to seek a formal custody modification.

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